Tusan Homichi Tuvota

Tusan Homichi tuvota on top of the rock there lived a hawk
The great enemy of the people
Day after day he killed more and more chickens
And in a little while there would be no more chickens at all
People were troubled they smoked and talked and prayed
They knew what had to be done the hawk had to be killed
Everyone knew that and the men and the women and the children
All knew it but no one knew how but a little field mouse
Tusan Homichi had heard about all the trouble that people were having
And he felt sorry for them so he decided to kill the hawk
So he came to the village chanting
Hawk kills chickens, Hawk kills rabbits
But the hawk won’t kill Tusan Homichi!
Monster hawk will surely die!
Some of the people laughed they said that dirty little mouse
Was crazy to even try but others began to wonder
If that mouse has some great power
That night when everyone went to sleep
Little mouse stayed up all night long
Three times he went out and looked at the stars
With white clay he painted his cheeks
And the right side of his forehead
He put the white on his arms, chest and legs
He painted the black mark across his eyes
He tied shells from the ocean around his right wrist
Then he sat down, and thought about his songs
The next day would be the great day!
Hawk kills chickens, Hawk kills rabbits
But the hawk won’t kill Tusan Homichi
Monster hawk will surely die

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