Summer Vacation stuck on land


Due to my crapped out immune system, I was informed the flesh eating sea water would kill me. I decided to use my time improving my plein air skills. Man, do I have a long way to go before I have any plain air skills! First of all, I looked like a beached whale.

Version 2

Day one, I painted the condos next to ours. The family sitting next to us wanted to buy it so I just gave it to them.


They had a funny last name.

Day two was your typical beach shot.


Day three, more condos.


They were all 8″ x 10″. Not that cool looking but it gave me something to do while everyone else splashed around in the water and had a good time. I learned a few things. Sand gets in everything. Your bag. Your paint. White umbrellas will let your ass get burned really quickly. Expensive french easels have weak parts and will break on you no matter how careful you are with them. Disappointment and self loathing follow you all the way to Florida. Drinking wine on the beach won’t make your work look any better.

It was still a great trip.

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