Stop hiding in the closet

I’ve been terrified for people to see what I’m working on, especially in the beginning to middle stages. “Holy crap! What if they see how bad I am?!” Well, who cares. I’m too old for that crap. Like most everyone else, in the beginning, most of my work starts out looking like a huge pile of crap and slowly begins to look like something I might can live with. I am out to piss on that fear. Here is one thing I’ve been working on a while.



20150102-2015-01-02 21.34.33

20150215-2015-02-15 12.51.28

As a bonus, here’s my closet.




  1. Kerry says:

    I thought it was a photograph at first! Excelente!

  2. Kny says:

    Man I’m right there with ya. We are always too hard on ourselves. Just do it and show it when you think it’s ready to show. BTW I saw that one early on and it looked just fine.

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